Joy and Hope in Abundance!

December 7, 2022
Bishop, W. F. Houston, Jr.
Luke 2:10-11 (AMP)
10 But the angel said to them, “Do not be afraid; for behold, I bring you good news of great joy which will be for all the people. 11 For this day in the city of David there has been born for you a Savior, who is Christ the Lord (the Messiah).
Shepherds endured a difficult existence during the time of Jesus' birth. Their time was consumed throughout the day and night by the monotonous task of tending to the sheep. Society looked down upon them and considered them the scum of the earth. They didn't have many grounds for celebration.
But the joyful news that would cause tremendous pleasure was delivered to shepherds by the angel. He told them that a Savior had been born. God's method of communicating is that He empathizes with those marginalized in society, rejected by their peers, and deemed unfit for acceptance. And as the angels of heaven sang, "Glory to God in the highest... "whatever darkness they had faced was changed. The lives of the shepherds tending their flocks in the fields outside of Bethlehem will never be the same again.
It may be hard for you to feel joyful during this holiday season. There may be a vacancy at your table. You might consider a relative who no longer exists in your life or has abandoned the Lord. You may have been diagnosed with a dreadful illness. Whatever the cause, you aren't in the mood to celebrate.
If such is the case, the Christmas message is intended for you. There's fantastic news that will bring you a great deal of delight as well. Why? Because the Savior came into the world to set things right. The Savior came to mend the brokenhearted and to illuminate your situation.
Here's Today's Prayer
Good Morning our Beloved Transcendent Father.

Grant us a sight of the light the Redeemer came to deliver.
With all sincerity, we pray, in Jesus' Name, Amen and Amen.

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