The Timeless Power of God's Word: Embracing Scripture in a Changing World

Bishop, W. F. Houston, Jr.

2 Peter 1:13 states, "I think it is right to refresh your memory as long as I live in the tent of this body."

The Bible remains a reliable source of divine wisdom and guidance in a constantly evolving world. As a minister, my unwavering commitment to preaching the Word of God is rooted in its eternal nature and divine power that transcends time and cultural trends.
With over two decades of experience in ministry, I can attest to the inexhaustible richness and profound depth of the Bible's teachings. Its power to transform lives and impact hearts is unparalleled, as its message of salvation remains unchanging despite the cultural ebbs and flows. The Word of God endures because its Author is eternal, and His message addresses the core of human existence.
In contrast to self-help programs and manufactured solutions that only skim the surface, Scripture derives its strength from God Himself. It is within the pages of this ancient book that we find the knowledge of God, offering all that is needed for every facet of life and spiritual growth (2 Peter 1:3). This undeniable relevance is why Paul urged Timothy to preach the Word, both when it is in season and out of season.
Our modern era has seemingly pushed the Bible "out of season," with the rise of market-driven philosophies suggesting that traditional biblical preaching is outdated and ineffective in a postmodern world. Theological exposition is often dismissed as archaic, and alternative approaches to preaching are encouraged to cater to the preferences of a media-driven generation.
Some contemporary church leaders argue that Scripture's meaning is unclear, twisting and misinterpreting the Word to align with their agendas. Instead of allowing the text to guide their preaching, they manipulate the text to fit their message. This "out of season" mentality is exactly what the Holy Spirit foresaw, and as ministers, we are called to preach the Word regardless of the season.
Throughout history, preachers have drawn crowds due to their oratory skills, charisma, storytelling abilities, or scholarly prowess. While their sermons may be popular, they do not necessarily possess the true power of God's Word. Only those who faithfully preach the Bible can experience this divine power, and no genuine minister would dilute or disregard the entirety of God's counsel. Our divine calling as pastors is to proclaim the Word in all its fullness, empowering our congregations with the timeless wisdom of Scripture.

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