First Lady

First Lady, Donece D. Houston

With a passion that spans over five decades, First Lady Donece Houston is not only a dedicated believer but also a prolific author driven by a mission to enrich lives. Holding two degrees, a Bachelor's and a Master's, her educational background complements her deep faith and commitment to Bible-based teaching concepts. As a non-denominational believer, her writings emphasize understanding, justification and clarification by faith rooted in the core Christian principles of the life and teachings of Jesus.

Donece's passion for writing is fuled by her desire to help her audience organize and enhance various aspects of their lives. Her books are carefully crafted to guide readers in becoming more organized in all areas, ranging from personal development to managing life's significant events. She aims to provide valuable insights into self-help, spiritual growth, fitness, sports, hobbies, health-related issues, pet care, and outdoor activities, with a special focus on educating youth. Her approach to organization and development extends from preschool to adult, highlighting the importance of reading and writing as funamental tools for growth.

Her diverse range of topics include planning for weddings, special occasions, personal and spiritual growth, and making the most of recreational activities. Each book is a testament to her belief in the power of knowledge, organization, and faith to transform lives. Through her writings, First Lady Donece Houston strives to offer practical solutions, spiritual guidance, and a path towards a more organized, fulfilled life, aligning with her deep Christian faith and dedication to making a positive impact on her readers.

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