Bishop, Dr. W. F. Houston, Jr. (D. D.)


Welcome to the sanctuary where faith is not just a belief but a transformative lens through which we see and experience the world. I am Bishop W. F. Houston, Jr., the founding inspiration behind C H O F Ministry. My life is devoted to living by example and encouraging men and women how to live up to their full potential in Christ.

Born and raised in Texas, my spiritual journey is one deeply rooted in a commitment to empower others, foster unconditional love, and redefine traditional Christian thought. I serve as an Inspirational Clergyman, spearheading a ministry with a revolutionary motto: "Faith not just as a belief, but as a lens to reimagine the world." Our slogan, “Ignite Faith, Elevate Wisdom, Transform Lives,” is the essence of our ministry.

My role as an Inspirational Clergyman is to provide deep, thought-provoking, Bible-based dialogues that challenge conventional Christian perspectives. Through sermons, devotions, and inspirational messages, I strive to make complex theological concepts accessible and relevant to everyday life. My vision is to bring a fresh, creative anointing to a world in need, to be a beacon of wisdom and love, to challenge traditional thought, and to inspire a transformative faith in all who encounter this ministry.

With years of devoted study and ministry, I am recognized for my deep insight, biblical passion, and all-around wisdom. My ultimate goal is to be known as an anointed, charismatic, and wise Bishop who loves the Lord and all His people unconditionally.

I invite you to join me and C H O F Ministry on this extraordinary journey of faith. Together, let us challenge the norms, break the chains, and fulfill the divine purpose God has set before us.

“To understand God's will is to have a glimpse of Heaven. The journey towards it is where we find our purpose.” — Bishop W. F. Houston, Jr., Inspirationalist

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