About Christian House of Faith, C H O F

A Premier Nonprofit Spiritual Ministry

"Faith: More Than Belief, a Lens to Reimagine"

Welcome to the Christian House of Faith (C H O F) Ministry – A Digital Sanctuary of Faith and Wisdom.

At C H O F Ministry, we transcend traditional boundaries to bring a spiritually enriching experience directly to you, wherever you may be. Founded and led by Bishop W. F. Houston Jr., a theologian and inspirationalist with profound knowledge and a deep passion for scriptural truths, our ministry is rooted in the belief that faith is an ever-evolving journey towards divine wisdom.

Our Vision:

To ignite faith, elevate wisdom, and transform lives through digital outreach, creating a global community connected by the love and teachings of Christ.

Our Mission:

To provide an online haven for spiritual growth, offering insightful scriptural interpretation, inspiring messages, and a supportive community dedicated to reimagining faith in the modern world.

Our Approach:

  • Scriptural Insight: Delving deep into the Bible with expository, philosophical, and culturally relevant teachings.
  • Digital Connection: Leveraging technology to bring the Word of God into the homes and hearts of people across the globe.
  • Inclusive Community: Welcoming all who seek spiritual guidance, support, and fellowship in their faith journey.

Our Services:

  • Weekly Devotionals: Thought-provoking insights and reflections based on scriptural truths.
  • Sermon Podcasts: 'Wisdom & Theology with Bishop Houston' – a blend of practical wisdom, philosophical musings, and connecting stories.
  • Prayer and Support: Interactive sessions where we go into "The Throne Room of Grace and Mercy" for communal prayer and individual support.

Our Commitment:

To uphold our motto, "Faith: More Than Belief, a Lens to Reimagine," as we strive to create a platform where faith is ignited, wisdom is elevated, and lives are transformed.

Join us in this digital pilgrimage as we explore the depths of faith, seek divine wisdom, and foster a global community united in Christ.

"To God Be The Glory"

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