Prayers of a Strong Gap Woman

“Nothing can happen to you that God can't also prevent or fix. No matter how dire the situation is, we can always go to Him with our requests.”

Do you have any experience with gap women? Someone who faithfully intercedes on behalf of her family and prays earnestly for them, standing in the gap for them. The fourth chapter of 2 Kings introduces us to one such woman.
This woman called the town of Shunem in the valley of Jezreel her home. Despite her high social status, Scripture tells us that she had a private struggle with infertility. She and her husband invited the prophet Elisha to eat a meal. They went so far as to provide him with a fully equipped room to stay there whenever he was in town (v. 10). This prophet showed his gratitude to them by praying to God to unlock the woman's womb. Despite her advanced age, the mother gave birth to a son.
And the tragic end came. While the boy was young, he often spent time with his father working in the fields (v. 18). The youngster screamed, "My head! My head!" to his father. (v. 19). The father requested that the servant return the youngster to his mother. Imagine her with her tiny boy on her lap; he was the child she had longed to have. No one can agree on what happened to him, but sunstroke and brain aneurysms are two possibilities. Nevertheless, the woman's lone son tragically passed away while in her arms. Despite her best efforts, the Shunammite mother lost her kid. Moms, being human, will do whatever they can for their offspring.
Nonetheless, gap women have confidence in God and seek the supernatural from him. According to verse 21, the Shunammite woman put her son on the bed that belonged to Elisha, closed the door, and then followed the prophet. Even though she was aware that her son had passed away, she was preparing herself for a resurrection. I don't want to spoil the ending for you, but I do want you to know that you have direct access to the throne of God through prayer. This is the most important thing I want you to take away from this. There is no aspect of your life that is beyond of God's sphere of influence. We are able to bring Him any and all needs, regardless of how urgent they may be.
Have you reached the point when you've done everything possible? The supernatural is required. We must take our children to God when we've done everything we can for them. Some of the most fervent intercessors on behalf of their children I know are mothers. But we may all unite and intercede on behalf of individuals we care about to the God who sees, hears, and changes hearts.

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